Aborted into Oblivion

    Congratulations are in order. It’s time to party! Forty-six years since the SCOTUS ruled on Roe vs Wade. Forty-six years of standing for a Woman’s Right to Choose. That’s a good thing. Right? American women under the red herring of women’s rights have slaughtered over 60 Million children! But the 3rd rock from Read more »

What is the Truth About Muhammad – Part I

D. D. Edwards                          2/04/2019   There is a trilogy of texts which makes up the preeminent books of Islam. Besides the Qurán, the Hadith allegedly contains accounts of Muhammad’s sayings and his actions.  The key word here is “allegedly.”  Without a doubt “there are many opportunistic forgeries among the Hadith, however, giving rise to a Read more »

Mission Impossible

    All false religions are works based. In other words, man is the aggressor and the deity is the beneficiary of man’s efforts, sacrifices, or good deeds. Only one religion is true. More on that in a moment. Buddha (the enlightened one), was the founder of Buddhism. It is an atheistic religion. The goal is Read more »

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