Refusing Delivery of The Truth

It is not difficult to find the truth about what Islam really is. Yet people choose to refuse delivery about the truth that is Islam.

An excellent source is Robert Spencer’s website Jihad Watch. There he has a link called Islam 101.

An example of the mass blindness about Islam recently took place in Texas. A few days ago Fox News in Texas ran an article about Tom Harrison, a Plano city councilman that wanted to have “Islam banned as fact.”

Pamela Geller also picked up the story in her recent Geller Report.

The effort to recall the councilman “needed 2,800 signatures and got 4,400” according to the Fox News story. Of course the Bible is verboten.

This is one of the reasons I wrote my new book Collision Course: Abraham’s Dual Lineage, Legacy to a Fallen World. I wrote it so people can see the truth of Islam.

Nevertheless in this era of Muslim terrorism it is beyond the pale that people are—well, that obtuse.

Now the people that signed this petition may very well be leftists or atheists who would be afraid to read a book like Collision Course. Or it could be that, at least some of them were lied to about what they were protesting against.

Let me shed some light on the truth of the matter. What follows is an excerpt from Collision Course on the Islam’s claim that their Qurán and modern science agree.

Muslim apologists posit that the view of creation in the Qurán and the views of modern science correspond. This claim is ludicrous on its face as it flawed scientifically, metaphysically, and cosmologically.

  • Flat Earth The earth was leveled flat or spread out in the creation event (88:20, 15:19, 79:30). Allah will not let it cave in beneath mankind (67:16). Both the earth and the heavens would fall if it were not for the sustaining power of Allah.
  • Mountains Set Down Mountains were set down on the earth like giant immovable weights or pegs in order to keep the flat earth from moving (15:19, 21:31, 31:10, 88:19, 16:15, 79:32, 78:7). . . .
  • Sky Is a Dome The sky and the heavens were still just smoke after the completion of the earth with its living things and mountains (41:10-11, 2:29). The sky was built up as a dome over the earth (2:22, 21:32). It was raised on high as a canopy (79:28). It continues to be amazing that it has no visible pillars or cracks (31:10, 50:6). It was built up, decorated with bright ornaments and has no cracks or defects (50:6). It remains to be a threat as a piece of the sky could fall on an individual as a form of punishment (34:9; bolded headings mine).
  • Falling Stars Chase Genies Shooting stars are made for a special purpose. They are lamps that are thrown as fiery missiles at genies (jinn) who try to fly up toward the sky in order to spy on the activities of heaven (37:6-10, 15:17-18, 67:5, 26:210-212).
  • Birds Birds are a sign to encourage belief since there is no natural reason why they are suspended between the earth and the sky (16:79).
  • Shadows Allah lengthens and shortens the shadows. He could have made them stationary. The sun guides them (25:45).

These are but a smattering of ludicrous assertions from the Qurán that fly in the face of science, theology, and philosophy. The numbers in parentheses are Quránic chapter (suras) and verse.

Even Islam’s own scholars admit the blunders in the Qurán. Ali Dashti, an Iranian scholar wrote:

The Qurán possesses numerous grammatical irregularities. . . . the Qurán contains sentences which are incomplete and not fully intelligible without the aid of commentaries; foreign words, unfamiliar Arabic words, and words used with other than the normal meaning; adjectives and verbs inflected without observance of the concord of gender and number; illogical and ungrammatically applied pronouns which sometimes have no referent; and predicates which in rhymed passages are often remote from the subjects.

Public schools are forcing small children to wear hijabs (Islamic head scarves), to kneel in prayer on Muslim prayer rugs, and even pray the Shahadah;

American children forced to wear hijabs, and pray the shadhadah

“There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of God.”

The Shadadah is the first of the Five Pillars of Islam. All one has to do to become a Muslim is to recite the Shahadah. Having small children kneeling on prayer rugs and praying the shahadah is a horror!

Indeed, as far back as 2004 Presbyterian Church, USA (PCUSA) officials met with Hezbollah operatives in Lebanon with one PCUSA official, perhaps in an attempt to endear himself to his Hezbollah hosts, making crude anti-Jewish remarks. Though PCUSA subsequently disavowed itself from the remarks as well as the meeting, PCUSA sanctioned meetings with Hezbollah continued.

In 2016 the PCUSA General Assembly allowed Wajidi Said to pray to Allah.

And in invoking “Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad,” Said sounded beautifully ecumenical himself to the ranked Presbyterians, aglow in their bloomin’ primness, but in reality he was reflecting the Islamic belief that those figures and the other Biblical prophets all actually taught Islam (Spencer, Jihad Watch, 2016)

Wake-up Christian. Wake-up America! You are losing your children and you are losing your country and the Church is being polluted too.

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