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D. D. Edwards

About Me

I made a commitment to Christ at age 16 at a high school church camp. I came off the mountain (literally) and was excited and wanted to serve God. But what do I do?

My church at the time did not disciple anyone and the pastors had no answers. So I stumbled along through college and the military.

Finally at age thirty-one I recommitted my life to Jesus Christ and made Him Lord and Saviour and I started looking for ways to serve. I also started my own “self-discipling” program. I started reading profusely; theology, apologetics, I joined Bible Study Fellowship and just kept reading.

Since then I have served as leader of Men’s Ministry, Deacon, I have led Bible studies, taught adult Sunday classes, was appointed Missions’ Director and charged with establishing a missions program for my church.

I hold an A.S. degree in Electronic Engineering and a B. S. in Manufacturing Technology. I also earned a Master of Arts in Religion (MAR) from Southern Evangelical Seminary.

I have written two books. The first, Before the Final Trump, was a clarion call to the church to disciple the saints.

My second book, of course, is Collision Course: Abraham’s Dual Lineage, Legacy to a Fallen World.

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