Conflicting Prophetic Indicators

Excerpt from my book “Collision Course.”

While Islam claims many of the prophets of the Bible for their own, Muhammad, their alleged final and ultimate prophet is the only prophet exclusive to Islam. Yet he did no validating signs or anything else remotely comparable to the works of a true, biblical prophet. Furthermore he is not mentioned in any of the early or later Jewish or Christian texts or manuscripts at all!

This is problematic since “the Bible asserts clearly that the Lord announces ahead of time his plans through his prophets as a way of vindicating his sovereignty and encouraging his people (see Isa. 41:21-24 ; Isa. 4:6-7 ), and there is no reason in principle why such prophecies should not be detailed and precise.”1

Muhammad’s purported revelations were received in the early seventh century (610-631), approximately 600 years after Christ’s incarnation, which would make Islam only 1400 years old. Logically one might surmise Islam to be a rather latecomer to the party. But of course Islamic apologists have an answer to this. “As far as Muslims are concerned, Islam is the oldest religion on earth, and the original religion of the authentic prophets—including Abraham, Moses, and Jesus.” 2

Yet Islam’s own texts refute this argument. Muhammad came out of the polytheistic culture of Mecca. Muhammad, after receiving his revelation, began preaching a monotheistic religion to them, whose god was Allah. Since Muhammad preached his religion in the sixth and seventh century, thousands of years after Abraham and Moses, how could they possibly have been Muslims?

Islam also claims Muhammed as the last and greatest prophet and of course “the seal of the prophets” (sura 33:40). Yet this is based solely on Islam’s claim that Muhammad was Allah’s final prophet and repository for Quránic revelation. Likewise this claim seems a bit circular to me.

The main “miracle” claimed by Islam is the Qurán itself and the claim that it is uncreated. Again this claim is self-defeating since it was “dictated” to Muhammad by Gabriel, it follows it is created. This “miracle” pales beside the countless miracles performed by the Old Testament prophets and apostles, let alone Jesus (John 21: 25). 3

There is also the tale about Muhammad which tells of a trip he made with his uncle, Abu Talib, to a “Christian monk” named Bahira, who after talking with Muhammad at length purportedly told his uncle:

Take your nephew back to his country and guard him carefully against the Jew, for by Allah if they see him and know about him what I know [that Muhammed was to be a prophet], they will do him evil; a great future lies before this nephew of yours, so take him home quickly. 4 . . . Verily the Jews are his enemies, and he is the Prophet of these people; he is an Arab and the Jews are jealous of him wishing he should have been an Israelite. So guard your brother’s son. 5

Isn’t that remarkable? This alleged revelation came, supposedly from a “Christian” monk and a Jew. That is an amazing caveat for a “Christian” monk to be giving anyone. It is an absurd story and flies in the face of common sense, common logic, and biblical doctrine. The tale seems likely to be made up after the fact. Besides exalting Muhammed it conveniently constructs a rationale for making the Jewish people the “bad guys” and enemies of Islam.

Furthermore you may recall the severe warning asserted in verses 18 and 19 in the twenty-second chapter of the book of


I testify to everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this book: if anyone adds to them, God will add to him the plagues which are written in this book; and if anyone takes away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God will take away his part from the tree of life and from the holy city, which are written in this book (Rev. 22:18-19; italics mine).

One wonders why a “Christian monk” whom one would logically think knows the Bible, would abet someone in “adding to this book?” Surely this person must know that agreeing to add to the Bible by affirming a new prophet is tantamount to rebelling against God, thereby bringing unimaginable wrath on his own head. Of course myth need not be logical.

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