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The conflict forced on the world by Islamic terrorism did not just begin in the seventh century with Mohammed. Truly it began much, much, much, earlier. Collision Course reveals the true origin and rationale for the venomous brutality Muslims inflict on people all over the world. But there’s more. Collision Course also traverses the spectrum of time from antiquity, through our era, and into the prophetic future and explores Abraham’s temporal and spiritual dual lineages and their consequences— past, present, and future.



Abraham’s Dual Lineage; Legacy to a Fallen World

Abraham doubted and stumbled, as we all do. Because of that, he left behind a legacy culminating in a collision course between Ishmael’s descendants and God’s chosen people (Deuteronomy 7:6), the Jewish nation and His Elect, Christ’s Holy Church. This enmity that began in antiquity has now manifestly escalated into the earth-shattering conflicts we see splashed all over our TV, on the Internet, and in the print news media daily. We see the hostility and imperialistic belligerence of Islam toward the rest of the world due to Abraham’s impiety, expressly directed at the Jew and the Christian. For a thousand years, beginning with the Nakhla raid in the mid-seventh century until the Ottoman Empire was soundly defeated at the Battle of Vienna in 1643, Islam’s goal was to conquer the world for Allah. It is clear in our day that Islam has once again rekindled its imperialistic mode.

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